Faculty of Law

International Human Rights Youth Forum


On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, in partnership with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) and our university and hosted by our university, law students studying in Turkey and young participants interested in human rights will come together in a one-day conference program to be held within the scope of the International Human Rights Youth Forum. The program will be held at the Aşık Paşa Conference Hall in South Campus with the participation of approximately 250 local and international university students and young people studying law and related departments in Türkiye.

Within the scope of the one-day program, in order to provide the participants with a vision in the context of human rights, there will be three sessions in Turkish as follows: High-Level Panel on Human Rights Institutions and Their Operations in Our Country, Human Rights in a Regional and Global Context, Human Rights from Different Perspectives. There will also be a session in English titled as Contemporary Human Rights Problems.  In each panel, 3 academics will present their papers under the headings detailed below.

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The program schedule is available here.


11 Ekim 2022 Tuesday


Opening Ceremony

Prof.  Nur Zeliha KAMAN – Dean, Istanbul Medeniyet University 


Taha Ayhan – President, ICYF


Prof. Gülfettin ÇELİK – Rector, Istanbul Medeniyet University 


Panel 1: High-Level Panel on Human Rights Institutions and Their Operations in Our Country

Moderator: Prof. Nur Zeliha KAMAN (Dean, Istanbul Medeniyet University)

PhD. Hacı Ali AÇIKGÜL – OIC-IPHRC (Chairman, The Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission)

Prof. Muharrem KILIÇ - President, Human Rights and Equality Institution of Türkiye


Panel 2: Human Rights in a Regional and Global Context

Prof. Berdal ARAL –Member of Faculty of Political Sciences – Human Rights and Islamic World

PhD. Ahmet ULUTAŞ Ministry of Justice - UN Human Rights Mechanisms and Cooperation with Others

Nuri UZUN – Human Rights Department of Ministry of Justice – ECtHR as a Regional Human Rights Mechanism and its Interpretation of ECHR

Assist Prof. Özlem Reşat YÜCEL – Member of Faculty of Political Sciences - Minority Rights in 1923 Lousanne Peace Agreement 


Panel 3: Contemporary Human Rights Problems

PhD. Hülya KAYA – Pendik District Governor - The EU-Turkey Statement and Its Impact on Fundamental Rights of Refugees

Assoc Prof. Gonca OĞUZ GÖK – Marmara SBF Öğretim Üyesi - Crises of Human Rights Norms and the United Nations

Lect. PhD. Zeynep ARDIÇ – Member of the Faculty of Law – The Neglect of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

This panel will be held in English

(Bu panel İngilizce olacaktır)


Panel 4: Human Rights from Different Perspectives


Assist Prof. Yakup Levent KORKUT – Member of the Medipol University Faculty of Law – Aspects of Discrimination in Today's World 'Islamophobia'

PhD. Hicran TÜLÜCE – Psychologist - Psychological Aspects of Human Rights

PhD. Miray AZAKLI KÖSE – Member of the Faculty of Law – Evaluation of the Policy to Push Back the Asylum Seekers in the Context of Human Rights

Res. Assist. Merve İSPİRLİ ARMAĞAN – Member of the Faculty of Law – Human Rights Obligations of Multinational Corporations in International Law

Closing Speech

Assist. Prof. Şerafettin Ekici