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Announcement Of Foreign Language I-II Exemption Exam


To The Attention of All 1st Year Students Who Were Placed Into Turkish-Medium Departments (Except for the Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine)!

In accordance with the article 5, clause (ı), of Higher Education Law, numbered 2547, foreign language courses at higher education institutions are within the scope of compulsory course and this course is programmed and applied at least for two semesters. The common compulsory foreign language at our university in English and comprises English education at the basic level (CEFR A1/A2). Also, these courses are taught through distance education.

Foreign Language Exemption Exam is held for all the 1st year students who get placed into Turkish-medium departments every year on the date specified according to the related academic calendar. All of our 1st year students who match the criteria (including those who failed the optional preparatory program and will continue their 1st year, and our 1st year students who froze their registration) have the right to take the exam.

Our students who take the pass mark (60 – letter grade CC- and above) as specified pursuant to “Undergraduate Education and Teaching Regulation” of our university are exempt from the courses, Foreign Language I (English I) (IMU011), to be taught in the fall semester and, Foreign Language II (English II) (IMU012), to be taught in the spring semester. The students who pass the Exemption Exam have the right, upon their wish, to continue their courses, renouncing their rights of exemption by writing a petition within the frameworks of codes of practice which are to be determined later.

Common Compulsory Foreign Language I Exemption Exam will be held Online on Friday, 23 September 2022 at 17.30 and Common Compulsory Foreign Language II Exemption Exam will be held Online on Friday, 23 September 2022 at 18.10. Those who want to be exempt from the courses IMU011 and IMU012 have to receive a passing grade (60 - CC).

Note: The students who successfully complete the optional preparatory program and will continue their 1st year don’t need to take the Exemption Exam. Foreign Language I (English I) and Foreign Language II (English II) course grades of those students will be entered on the system as AA in accordance with Istanbul Medeniyet University Foreign Language Preparation Education and Exam Regulations (Article 11/1-d), dated 13 April 2019, and numbered 3074

  • Details regarding the exam procedure (exam platform, exam rules etc.) will be announced later.
  • Please follow the web page of School of Foreign Languages and email address on OBS on a regular basis for up-to-date information and announcements.
  • For your questions and problems, you can e-mail us on yabancidiller.uzem@medeniyet.edu.tr.

Important Note!

The School of Foreign Languages reserves the right to make any amendments in the academic calendar and exam applications in line with unexpected developments. Therefore, our institution is not liable for the plans our students make in the exam week.

Details about the time and day of Foreign Language (English) I-II Exemption Exams in the Academic Year of 2022-2023 are given in the table below. Please carefully note the exam date and hour regarding your department.

Exam Date : 23 September 2022 Friday