Faculty of Law


What is the duration of law degree?

What is the language of the course?

Where is the Law School situated? What are the contact details?

Is there a compulsory attendance at the Law Faculty?

What are the post-graduate programmes that are offered to students?

Is there any student exchange programmes provided for law students?

Can I do a double major / minor in your faculty ?

Is there any accommodation facilities available to students nearby the Law Faculty?

What are the scholarship and funding opportunities?

Are there any opportunities for lateral and vertical transfers to the Medeniyet Law Faculty?

What are the library facilities that are available to the Law Faculty students?

How can I access the exam timetables?

Can I attend a make-up exam, if I fail to take it?

What are the impact of mid-term exams?

Can students on academic probation select modules from the next semester?

Can I take a module from my prospective year?

Is there any rules to follow when selecting modules?

For further information on the "Undergraduate Education and Exam Regulation"...

What are the admission requirements for students from abroad?