Faculty of Law

“Basic Concepts of Migration” by PhD. Miray Azaklı Köse


PhD. Miray Azaklı Köse a member of the, International Law Department of Law School, made a speech at the "Legal and Sociological Aspects of Forced Migration Conference on the Anniversary of Hijra" held on 30 July 2022 in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Non-Governmental Organizations.

PhD. Miray Azaklı Köse, a member of the International Law department of Faculty of Law, presented her paper titled "Basic Concepts of Forced Migration in National and International Law" in the first session. Dr. Azaklı Köse explained the basic principles of forced migration and the in the light of 1951 Geneva Convention on the Legal Status of Refugees, European Convention on Human Rights  and Law No. 6458. In this respect, she answered questions such as what are the types of international protection status, who is a refugee, what is temporary protection, what is the principle of non-refoulement. She emphasized the necessity of establishing a fair balance between the national security concerns of the states and the right to asylum and the protection of human rights. She stated that even if asylum is not a right, states can be held responsible if they do not receive applications for asylum and do not carry out risk assessments. She explained legal status of asylum seekers residing in our country and the migration policies in the light of these documents.

The conference ended after the presentation of plaques to the speakers. 

The recording of the conference is available here.