Faculty of Law

Insurance Arbitration Panel with our Dean Prof. Ibrahim Subaşı and Prof. Şaban Kayıhan


The Insurance Arbitration Panel, organized in by the Insurance Arbitration Commission and Marmara University Faculty of Law, was held on 27.05.2022 at 14.00 in the Marmara University Faculty of Law conference hall. Our Dean Prof. Ibrahim Subaşı chaired the session where our faculty member Prof. Dr. Şaban Kayıhan presented his paper titled "Disability Reports in Insurance Arbitration".

In his speech, Prof. Kayıhan stated that the calculation of bodily harm is mostly required in traffic accidents, and that problems arise in terms of legal security due to the frequent changes in the legal regulations regarding the disability reports used in the calculation of these damages, and that court decisions in different directions on this issue prevent the formation of a case-law unity.

The program ended after the question and answer session.