Faculty of Law

Legal Status of Crypto Assets and Personal Data Protection Law


Our summit consisting of 4 sessions was held online on May 15-16, 2021.

The guests of our first session on Saturday, May 15 were as follows:

Prof. Dr. Murat BALCI- Confiscation of Crypto Assets in German and Turkish Law

Atty. Mehmet Ali KÖKSAL- Blockchain Applications in Law and Personal Data

Atty. Hasan Selçuk TURAN- KVKK 101

In our second session;

Assoc. Dr. Murat Volkan Dülger- Use of Personal Data in Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Instructor Member Mehmet Bedii KAYA- Internet Law

Atty. Mustafa Zafer KÜÇÜKKURT- Smart Contracts

The guests of our first session on Sunday, May 16 were as follows:

Dr. Instructor Member Mete Tevetoğlu- Analysis of Current and Future Regulations Regarding Crypto Assets

Atty. Burçak Ünsal- Analysis of Crypto Assets in the Light of Judicial Decisions from the World

Atty. Ayça Aktolga Öztürk – Current Developments in Crypto Trading Platforms

In our second session;

Atty. Ömer Gürkan Adak- The Concept of Decentralization

Doruk İşmen- Stable Cryptocurrencies and BiLira

We completed our 4 sessions with the participation of our guests. We thanked them for enlightening us with their in-depth knowledge and presented the sapling certificates we planted for them and ended our event.