Faculty of Law

Our Faculty Members Attended Kahramanmaraş Bar Association Law Conferences


Assistant Professor Şerafettin EKİCİ in the Department of Information and Technology Law at Medeniyet University and Assistant Professor Ekrem SOLAK in the Department of Commercial Law attended the Private Law section of the Law Conferences organized by the Kahramanmaraş Bar Association on Friday, 18.03.2022.

In the session, Assistant Professor Şerafettin EKİCİ made a speech and presentation on Social Media and Legal Responsibility, and Assistant Professor Ekrem SOLAK on Mergers and Acquisitions.

The session, in which Ahmet GÜLEÇ, the Investigation Judge of the 12th Law Department of the Supreme Court of Appeals, was also a speaker, was moderated by the Deputy Secretary General of the Supreme Court, Ömrü Yılmaz.

Details of the conference (Private Law 1st Session) can be found here.