Faculty of Law

'Right to be Forgotten & Misconceptions about it in Popular Culture' Conference was Held


The conference about the "Right to Be Forgotten" has been held at our faculty on Thursday, April 14, in cooperation of Information and Technology Law Association and our student clubs which are; Law Workshop Student Club, Development Law Club, Ideal Civilization Law Club and Aydın Medeniyetliler Akademisi Student Club. PhD. Cemile Turgut, who is working on the right to be forgotten, made a presentation. The program was moderated by Asst. Prof. Şerafettin Ekici a member of information and technology law department of our faculty. 

Ms. Turgut wrote her PhD dissertation on the right to be forgotten and she is one of the first academics in our country to work on this topic which is one of the recent focal points of popular culture.  At conference, Ms. Turgut underlined that right to be forgotten is a basic human right to enable the criminals to integrate community after they served the sentence for the crime they committed. She enlightened the audience by explaining the legal uncertainties regarding the content, scope, limits and application of the right to be forgotten in different legal systems. In this respect, she touched upon the historical development and legal basis of the right to be forgotten, and then evaluated the criterias such as; right to be informed of the public, rehabilitation of the criminals, transparency of the proceedings, for establishing a balance between the right to be forgotten and freedom of expression. 

The program which was held on the aim of a qualified education  has ended after the plaque presentation.