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I. Law Students Conference on Child Law and Educational Law


On Sunday, March 14, “1st Faculty of Law Students Child Law and Education Law Conference” was held with the cooperation of Ideal Medeniyet Law Club, one of the student groups of our university, and Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Law.

The conference started with the opening speech of Asst. Prof. Murat Bülbül, Chairman of the Organizing Committee. Bülbül gave information about the organization process of the Congress. After that, the Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Prof. Halil İbrahim Sağlam and the Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. İbrahim Subaşı pointed on the need of addressing children's rights during the COVID-19 pandemic and importance of conducting such a study which will be the first in Turkey by undergraduate students.

The presentations of the law faculty students started with Şüheda Betül Kaplan's statement titled "The Legal Aspect of Children on the Street and the Evaluation of Their Situation in the Covid-19 Pandemic". In the light of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the work of the Committee and the data obtained from the reports of UNICEF, Kaplan focused on the reasons why children started living on the street and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on these reasons. She pointed out that domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, and problems in the educational environment are the leading problems. She explained the problems experienced in the education environment due to the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic obliges the distance education model. Then, law faculty student Hayrunnisa Çapan made a presentation titled “Legal Evaluation of Compulsory Vaccination Practices for Children”. Capan pointed out that in the light of nd international legislation and the high court decisions, the best interests of the child are taken as basis in mandatory vaccination practices and the quality and benefit of the vaccine is evaluated based on this criterion. The third presentation titled “The Child's Right to Participate in the Family and School Environment” was made by Edanur Kavanoz. In her presentation, Kavanoz drew attention to the unifying effect of the distance education model between the school and home environment of the child and stated that the child's participation in decision mechanisms should also increase due to the best interests of the child.

In the second session held in the afternoon, law faculty students Şule Kurt and Şirin Doğru presented a statement titled "Child Abuse in terms of Sexual Abuse and Evaluation of Sexual Abuse Rates in the Covid-19 Period". They explained the obligations of the state in the prevention of sexual abuse cases and in the recovery process of child victims in current cases. Then, senior student Zeynep Sena Altay made a presentation titled "The Psychological and Neurological Effects of Substance Use and Addiction in Children". She pointed out that besides the damage caused by substance use in terms of social environment, school and family relations, it is a dangerous factor that leads the child to commit crime.

Program has completed successfully after the Q & A session with the moderation of Res. Asst. Seval Kılıç.

You can watch the program by clicking here.